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Spring 2023 Dean’s List

Spring 2023 Dean’s List

Congratulations to the TCNJ Political Science students named to the Spring 2023 Dean’s List!


Salma Abbassi
Zaniah Anderson-Mckoy
Jenna Azeez
Andrew Bellows
Amanda Bilek
Brinly Black
Tyler Bossone
Madeline Breeze
Kelly Capraun
Nicholas Cardoso
Emily Castanza
Ian Choy
Peter Corso
Angelica Cyril
Francis Davis
Justin Drayton
Matthew Duca
Jan Egan
Annmarie Ekladious
Noureen Elkeshk
Sydney Eltringham
Elisabeth Evaldi
Jonaishia Freeman
Eric Gibney
Harleen Gill
Daniel Gleason
Blake Gommoll
Arjana Goroveci
Nikhil Jonsson
Rohan Jonsson
Ethan Kaiser
Robert Kelly
Alex Kostyra
Kristiana Kuras
Ana Sofia Kyros
Andrea LaMorticella
Julia Larko

Amelia Laubsch
Harrison Lavelle
Katie Lutner
Yarden Mach
Jenny Marcinkowski
Ashley Martinelli
Ton’Yea Mason
Dylan Mazzella
James McElroy
Jared Morris
Henry Nolan
Ashley O’Hagan
Patrick O’Mahoney
Logan Patton
Jaden Pearson
Madison Poulas
Wafa Qureshi
William Reiman
Shania Rivas
David Roberts
Marcos Sanchez
John Segreto
Megan Sergeant
Michael Sherr
Ethan Shilman
Delaney Smith
Emma Smith
Yuliia Sul
Tyler Swartz
Anthony Vivolo
Daniel Wheiler
David Whetton
Jared Williams
Daniel Wilson
Elizabeth Wood
Alexander Xenakis
Kaitlyn Yetman
Nathan Zipf

The information obtained for this Dean’s list is as of June 2023. In order to earn Dean’s List for a given semester, an undergraduate student must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 full letter-graded course units and earn a GPA of 3.5. Pass/Unsatisfactory, Ungraded Option, and Credit by Exam courses do not count toward Dean’s List. Graduate classes (3 or more credits each) with XGC grading (graduate classes counting towards the graduate degree only) count toward the Dean’s List. This list includes only students who have authorized the release of information in accordance with the provisions of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.