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26th Annual Celebration of Student Achievement

26th Annual Celebration of Student Achievement

The 26th Annual Celebration of Student Achievement will take place on Tuesday, April 25th. The event features the research, scholarship and creative activity of TCNJ students from all disciplines. The event will include papers, posters, art exhibitions, video discussions and other products of student work.

The schedule for Political Science and International Studies students is below. Join us and support your fellow students!

26th Annual Celebration of Student Achievement Schedule

The Military, Intelligence, and Armed Conflict
8:45 - 9:45 am, SSB 227, Panel Chair: Dr. Hyun-Binn Cho
How has Russian military intervention into Post-Soviet Republics led Russia's sphere of influence to wane? Rudolph Dombrowski
Rethinking Reputation - Who Earns it and Why Steven Cummins
Presidential Economic and Social Leanings as a Predictor of Military Spending Dylan Mazzella
A Big Baby with Big Toys - Why the United States and Russia have been unable to reach agreements regarding Cybersecurity Polina Novozhilova
States and the Politics of Education
8:45 - 9:45 am SSB 130, Panel Chair: Dr. Cadence Willse
Party Affiliation and the Effect of State Legislators and Governors on Diversity and Difference in K-12 Schools Peter Corso
Right to Work and the Right to Live Ethan Kaiser
Competitive Effects on Public Schools Patrick O'Mahoney
The Effectiveness of Child Access Prevention Laws in Preventing Gun Violence in Schools Alaina Povinelli
Evolution of State Funding Policy: How State Performance-Based Funding Affects Students in Higher Education Daniel Wheiler
Regime and Regional Security
10:00 - 11:00 am SSB 227, Panel Chair: Dr. Hyun-Binn Cho
Climate Coups - How Rising Temperatures Threaten Political Instability in Vulnerable Nations Yarden Mach
Anti-Foreign Protest and Signaling Across Regime Types in the Middle East and North Africa Lauren Wright
International Security Senior Thesis Salonee Shatagar
Why unifying the Three Islands in Haiti is the first step to achieving Democracy Priscilla Quarshiegah
A Case Study of Spain Alexis Rizzo
School Policies
10:00 - 11:00 am, SSB 130, Panel Chair: Dr. Cadence Willse
How the Classification of Schools Causes A Variation in Extracurricular Activities Offered for Students Dylan Chidick
Diversity and Teacher Quality Raven Matias
Schools and Mental Health: Are Students Getting Help? Samantha Savage
Education Law & English Language Learners Megan Sergeant
Poster Session
10:00 - 11:00 am, Brower Student Center 100
Ocean Wind One: A Vehicle Toward Net-Zero Carbon or Disrupter of Wildlife? David Roberts
Nuclear Proliferation and Terrorism
2:15 - 3:15 pm SSB 227, Panel Chair: Dr. Hyun-Binn Cho
Atomnomy: Leaders and Independence in Nuclear Proliferation Uziel Cortez
Sheltered Pursuit Client Selection Andrew Caselnova
India, the Norm on Non-Proliferation, & the Global Nuclear Order Kathleen Ferrer
Why do India and the US pursue different counterterrorism strategies? Jenna Azeez
How did Cuba Get its Terrorist Sponsor Designation and Why? Gabrielle Alvarez-Cabrera
Education Policy in the Tri-State Area
2:15 - 3:15 pm, SSB 130, Panel Chair: Dr. Cadence Willse
Super Storm to Sustainable Schools David Roberts
The Performance Of The New Jersey SFRA And What We Can Learn From It Eric Gibney
The Impact of Selection Method on Board of Education Governance Elizabeth Wood
“What is an Abbott District and What Does this Mean Today?”: A History and Explanation to the Trenton Public School System Neerjah Upreti
National Issues in Education Policy
3:30 - 4:30 pm, SSB 130, Panel Chair: Dr. Cadence Willse
The Effect of College Debt on Enrollment Michael Alves
Homeschooling's Relationship with Public Policy Christian Golick
How have the varied strategies for mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic, by political parties, affected state spending for mental health support before and after COVID-19? Osvaldo Martinez-Pineda
STEM Education Woes Ryan Guistwite