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Five-year Combined BA/MPP for TCNJ Students

MPP student standing outside a building

MPP logoThe Master of Public Policy and the certificate are the results of years of study, planning, and development by the Department of Political Science and partnering colleagues in policy-related disciplines across campus. We are so excited to offer these programs to you!

Learn more about Public Policy Graduate Programs.


What is an MPP and who is it for?

The Master of Public Policy provides specialized training in the policy-making process, specific policy areas (health, education, crime, energy, land use, the environment and sustainability, and social policy, among others), methodology and applied policy research, and public management. The MPP is designed for those interested in careers in policy research and management working in government, non-profit organizations, advocacy and lobbying groups, consulting, government relations, and management positions in the private sector.

What are the distinctive features of the TCNJ MPP program?

The mission of the TCNJ MPP program is to equip students to be effective policy analysts, researchers, advocates, and managers by providing high-quality methodological training, individualized and group research opportunities, and interdisciplinary public policy expertise. The MPP seeks to serve the public interest in the Trenton-Mercer area, the state of New Jersey, and the Mid-Atlantic region through its teaching and applied research. The program is designed to create flexible, well-trained, generalist public policy experts who can succeed in careers in a range of policy areas through universal, high-quality methodology and data analysis training and a required master’s thesis. Substantively, the program capitalizes on our proximity to Trenton, the New Jersey State Capitol, and numerous state agencies in the Ewing/Trenton area by focusing on state and local public policy and governance challenges facing NJ and the Mid-Atlantic region.

How long would it take to get an MPP?

The program is offered in three modes: a five-year accelerated combined BA/MPP program available for current students, a stand-alone (18-month to two-year) traditional master’s degree, and a flexible, part-time program for those working full-time while pursuing their graduate degree.

The five-year program is particularly attractive because current TCNJ students can double-count graduate courses toward their undergraduate degree, saving substantial money and time!

When will the Five-Year Combined BA/MPP and the certificate be offered to TCNJ Students?

TCNJ students can enroll in courses in Spring 2023 to begin the Five-year Combined BA/MPP program or the Certificate in Public Policy.

The traditional Master of Public Policy (MPP) program begins accepting applications for Fall 2023. See application requirements.

How do TCNJ students apply?

The application deadline for the 5-Year Combined BA/MPP and Public Policy certificate programs is April 1, 2023 for priority consideration. Online application and all supplemental documents must be submitted to the Admission Committee of the Political Science Department via the links below.

The 5-Year Combined BA/MPP application requires a resume or CV, unofficial transcript, the names of two TCNJ academic references, a personal essay, and writing sample. The one to two-page personal essay should describe your academic and career objectives and how participation in the TCNJ Master of Public Policy program will advance your personal and professional goals. The brief writing sample (3-5 pages) should give the admission committee a good sense of your academic and professional writing ability. The writing sample can be a from work you have submitted for a previous course or for a policy-related job or internship. Submitting a portion of a longer written work is acceptable.

The Public Policy certificate application requires an unofficial transcript, the names of two TCNJ academic references, and a one to two-page personal essay which should describe your academic and career objectives and how participation in the Public Policy Graduate Certificate program will advance your personal and professional goals.

Click here to apply for the 5 Year Combined BA/MPP.

Click here to apply for the Public Policy Graduate Certificate.

What courses are offered in Fall 2023?

Please see the list below for the fall 2023 course offerings. If you meet the course requirements (24 or more completed units and a 3.0 GPA or better) and would like to enroll in one or two courses, please complete this form. The Political Science Department will register you for the class.

Undergraduate students with 24 or more completed units and a 3.0 GPA or better may count up to two (2) PUBG-designated courses as upper-level elective credit for their Political Science major or the general unit requirement to graduate.
Public Policy Analysis and Management minors can count two (2) PUBG courses in place of POL 300 and the specialty course for the minor.
Students in the 5-year Combined POL BA/MPP program may double-count up to three (3) PUBG-designated courses between the Political Science major and the Master of Public Policy degree program.

Other questions?

Please contact Dr. Bowen to answer other questions about the TCNJ MPP and certificate programs.

Course Title Faculty Day Time Room  
PUBG 510 01 QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR POLICY RESEARCH I Bowen, Daniel TH 5:30 PM - 8:20 PM SOCI 241 Quantitative Methods
PUBG 670 01 EDUCATION POLICY Willse, Cadence M 2:00 PM - 4:50 PM SOCI 241 Elective
PUBG 670 02 TRANSIT POLICY Healey, William W 5:30 PM - 8:20 PM SOCI 241 Elective
PUBG 696 01 PUBLIC POLICY THESIS independent course Policy Core
ISTG 640 TEXT MINING Huang, Ziyue TH - online
Two Saturdays in person
TH: 6:00 PM - 8:50 PM (online)
Saturday October 7 & November 18, 1:00 - 4:00 PM in person Biliss 123