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Pre-Law Minor

The College of New Jersey and the Pre-Law Advisory Committee at the College are committed to providing students with the best possible preparation for the law school admissions process, for law school itself and for the practice of law. In recent years, our students have been admitted to some of the best law schools in the country. Students thinking of applying to law school should choose a major that seems interesting to them and that challenges them to develop the critical thinking and writing skills that will be important to them in law school and as practicing attorneys.

Students at TCNJ from many different majors meet with great success in the law school application process, including Criminology, Economics, Accountancy, English, History, Philosophy and Political Science. Still other majors that serve as excellent prelaw preparation include African-American Studies, Psychology and Women, Gender and Sexuality. Yet it should be recognized that a major in Computer Science, Math or Physics is just as appropriate for the pre-law student.

Interested students are welcome to contact Professor Melinda Roberts with any questions they have regarding the Pre-Law Program and to request a Designated Pre-Law Advisor.

Coordinating Pre-Law Advisor: Dr. Melinda Roberts


Law, Politics, and Philosophy Minor (Pre-Law Minor)

An interdisciplinary program, the Law, Politics, and Philosophy Minor enables students to focus on the law from a variety of disciplines, including political science, philosophy, history, criminology, and economics. The minor is comprised of two required courses and three options courses, which are available below.

Course Units
PHL 120 Introduction to Logic 1 course unit
ECO 101 Principles of Microeconomics 1 course unit
Elective 1 1 course unit
Elective 2 1 course unit
Elective 3 1 course unit
Total 5 course units

Note: PHL 220: Metalogic usually requires PHL 120: Introduction to Logic, as a prerequisite. However, for qualified students, Metalogic may be substituted in place of Introduction to Logic without having taken PHL 120 with the permission of instructor.


Law, Politics, and Philosophy Minor Elective Options

Select three (3) courses from below as your options for your minor. Only one (1) course can be double counted toward a major. No more than two (2) courses can be from the same department. At least two (2) courses must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Business Courses BUS 200: Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business
BUS 300: Law for Business
BUS 325: Employment Law
BUS 360: International Business Law
ECO 365: Economics of Law (prereq ECO 101)
MGT 385: Business Ethics and Corporate (prereq. Sophomore)
Criminology Courses CRI 201: Judicature
CRI 301: Criminal Law and Procedure
Philosophy Courses PHL 135: Contemporary Moral Issues
PHL 275: Philosophy of Law – Prerequisite: 1 PHL Course or Sophomore Standing or Permission
PHL 375: Law and Ethics – Prerequisite: 1 PHL Course
Political Science Courses POL 320: Constitutional Law
POL 321: Civil Liberties
POL 323: Law and Society
POL 337: International Law
POL 345: Human Rights in International Relations (cross listed with INT 300)
POL 365: Origins of the United States Constitution (cross listed with HIS 366)
Other Courses HIS 366: Origins of the U.S. Constitution
INT 300: Human Rights in International Relations (when cross listed with POL 345)
JPW 308: Media Law – Prerequisite: JPW 208 or permission of instructor
NUR 300: Legal Challenges in Health Care
PHL 430: Advanced Ethics (prereq. 1 PHL course)
POL 390: Tutorial – Moot Court