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Interdisciplinary Concentration in Law and Society

The interdisciplinary concentration in Law and Society would be attractive to students exploring the possibility of going to law school, but also to students interested in law, but not planning to attend law school. The Logic/Critical Thinking component of the concentration will be particularly useful to students planning to attend law school because it should help them negotiate the Law School Aptitude Test. But this component is also generally useful to students in developing the reasoning and analytical skills essential to writing clearly and speaking persuasively. The humanities perspectives provide the ethical and philosophical foundation for the study of law, while the social perspectives allow students to view law in historical, social and economic context.   Finally, the law courses give students an opportunity to examine one or more substantive areas of the law. Taken together, the four main components of the Law and Society concentration form a coherent approach to the study of law, and will provide students with an interesting, integrated College Core experience.

Visit the Law and Society page for more details, a program planner, and curriculum.

Faculty Sponsors: Tao Dumas (Political Science), N. Lasher (Business), M. Leigey (Criminology), R. McGreevey (History), K. Michels (Business), S. Monseau (Business), M. Roberts, (Philosophy, Religion, and Classical Studies)


How do I sign up for an Interdisciplinary Concentration?

  • Consult with the faculty sponsor of the concentration who will explain its academic focus and requirements and, with the student, determine its compatibility with the student’s major program and other academic goals.
  • Students intending to complete an interdisciplinary concentration must obtain signatures from their major advisor(s) and one of the faculty sponsors of the concentration on the Interdisciplinary Concentration Form. The completed and signed form must be submitted to the Office of Records and Registration.