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Political Science Independent Research Showcase

The Political Science Independent Research Showcase on May 6, 2020 features an online gallery of the research, scholarship and creative activity of TCNJ Political Science students. The Showcase highlights significant work that results from deep engagement in the scholarly or creative process. Students present work that they have already prepared or presented for another purpose such as Independent Research, a Capstone course, a conference presentation, or some other outstanding scholarly/creative experience. In many cases, this will be work done in collaboration with a faculty mentor, but the student is the primary author and presenter of the work at the Showcase.


POL 498: Social Movements & the Politics of Protest with Dr. Chartock

Emily Caporoso

Brexit: A Case Study between the UK and France

Daytwan Coates-Hall

How did the Brexit vote come to be and why hasn’t a similar vote occurred in other EU member states?



Patricia Kou

Political Opportunity and Grievances: Differing Outcomes of Apartheid’s Sharpeville Massacre and Soweto Youth Uprising

Catriona Leary

Sanctuary Cities: Why Do They Exist? Exploring the Root Cause of the Declaration of Sanctuary Cities



Sean R. Wehner

Vaccination and Failed Legislation: Non-Medical Vaccination Exemptions in New Jersey & California



POL 390-01: Political Parties & Party Systems with Dr. Toloudis

Isabel Anthony

The United States and Hungary: How Populist Leaders are Elected

Alanna Namit

Populism in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes



Alexandra Shapiro

Election Turnout in Switzerland

Jada Grisson

How Racial Regimes Complicate Strategies of Political Management within Mono-Party Systems



POL 390-02: American State Politics with Dr. Bowen

Alexandra Fountaine

Understanding Welfare Policy and Incarceration: An Intersectional Approach

Casey Lishko

Disasters and Climate: Do Natural Hazards Inform Enduring Beliefs About Global Warming?




Jayson Morelli

The Effects of Mayoral Salaries on the Performance of Municipalities

Sean Simmers

Descriptive Representation and State Legislative Professionalism




Kiana Stockwell

Causes & Consequences of Polling Place Closures post-Shelby v. Holder

Michael Trerotola

LGBT Representation: Descriptive Representation in State Legislatures



POL 395: Supervised Group Research in Data Science and State Politics with Dr. Garlick

Catriona Leary, Kiana Stockwell and Alex Garlick

State Legislative Rules Shape Bill Advancement and Passage Rates

Emma Becker, Juan Carlos Belmonte, Anthony Cortazzo, Anthony Saginario, James Wright and Alex Garlick

The Effect of Partisan Alignment on Interest Group Agenda Setting