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Study Abroad

Person posing outside the Vatican.

Arguably the most enriching undergraduate experience is studying abroad.  Immersing yourself in a different culture and society for a semester or year allows you to gain a perspective not only on the foreign society but also on your own.  Comparison is a powerful means of learning and your experience abroad will allow you to parallel how your own language and society function.

The best time in your life to live abroad is now.  The College and the Political Science Department have made it easy to apply, use your existing financial aid and transfer classes.  Life’s obligations, such as career and family, may likely make it more difficult to pack up and go after you graduate.  Go now.

TCNJ’s Arlotto Family Center for Global Engagement offers over one hundred different study abroad sites.  While there are several criteria in choosing a foreign institution, the key concern is language – go to a country that speaks the language you are studying.  A semester or year’s immersion in a foreign language will earn you language skills that last a lifetime.  Other considerations in choosing a foreign institution include classes offered, availability of internships or engaged learning experiences, living arrangements, and cost.

A. Family Center for Global Engagement