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Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society

Honor Society for Political Science

Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society logo.

Pi Sigma Alpha seeks to promote excellence in the study of political science through a variety of programs for student members and local chapters. As Pi Sigma Alpha continues to grow and prosper, the scope of programs for chapters and members may be expanded in the future to include bigger awards and/or more awards in each category.

Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Society aims to reward highly motivated and successful students of Political Science. Members not only received academic recognition, but become eligible for internships, grants, and conference submissions through Pi Sigma Alpha. They reward students for outstanding thesis and paper submissions, as well as reward outstanding chapters with a cash award. The College of New Jersey’s Pi Sigma Alpha faculty adviser is Dr. Hyun-Binn Cho, who can be reached at

Undergraduate students are encouraged to join to enhance chapters of Pi Sigma Alpha. The undergraduate membership requirements are as follows: 

  • Must have completed at least half of the total credits required by their institution for the baccalaureate degree
  • Must have completed at least two and a half units in political science, including at least one upper-division course, with an average grade of B or higher in those courses
  • Must have achieved an overall GPA placing them in the top one-third of their whole class
  • Your primary major is not required to be Political Science in order to qualify.

For more information, please visit the Pi Sigma Alpha National Website.

Pi Sigma Alpha members inducted in October 2023

2023 PSA inductees

Andrew Bellows
Tyler Bossone
Madeline Breeze
Vivianna De Leon Gonzalez
Sydney Eltringham
Harleen Gill
Daniel Gleason
Blake Gommoll
Rohan Jonsson
Nikhil Jonsson
Alex Kostyra
Kristiana Kuras
Julia Larko
Amelia Laubsch
Harrison Lavelle
Ton’Yea Mason
Madison Poulas
Wafa Qureshi
Adam Rodriguez-Herna
Olivia Schwarz
Jared Williams
Daniel Wilson
Loretta Wolchko

October 2022 Inductees

Pi Sigma Alpha inductees

Julieta Altman, Brinly Black, Uziel Cortez, Steven Cummins, Angelica Cyril, Jan Egan, Arjana Goroveci, Ethan Kaiser, Ana Sofia Kyros, Yarden Mach, Michael Sherr, Yuliia Sul, Lauren Wright

December 2021 Inductees

Jenna Azeez, Brianna Bruccoleri, Kelly Capraun, Caitlin Clarke, Peter Corso, Sofia Ebio, Frederick Hayeck, Zainab Karamat, Sara Kinney, James McElroy, Kasey McNulty, Timothy McSharry, Holly Prince, Alexis Rizzo, David Roberts, Bud Scott, Anthony Vivolo, Elizabeth Wood, Taylor Young

May 2021 Inductees

Isabel Anthony, Emmanuella Antwi-Buosiako, Alicia Basilici, Ryan Chris Borja, Jonathan Calabrese, Joseph A. Chiusano, Robert Cimilluca, Lex D’Andrea, Matt Duca, Emily Evers, Hannah Kang, Jane Kim, Dylan A. Lembo, Victoria Maamari, Madison Mastellone, Jessica L. Nicol, Carly Nocchi, Andrew Parvin, Shivani Patel, Alessia Piccitto, Megan Smith, Raquel A. Sosa-Sanchez, Crystal Tran, Michael Leonard Trerotola, Anushka Vishahan, Christopher Werthmuller, Nathan Zipf

May 2020 Inductees

Isabel Anthony, Katerina Buchanan, Allison Colon, Kayla Dauria, Isabella Devine, Patrick Dilloian, Shrish Jawadiwar, Elika Mohebbi, Robert Schenck, Caleb Septoff, Monica Vitting

May 2019 Inductees

Sean Atterbury, Kelsey Ballard, Brooke Buchan, Alexandra Fountaine, Ashley Geevers, Robert Hicks, Brianna Olivia Hill, Sanjana Inamdar, Catriona Leary, Alexandra Mannix, Jayson Morelli, Alanna Namit, Joshua Oh, Alexandra Shapiro, Kiana Stockwell, James Wright