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Political Science Four Year Plan


Core Major Requirements

Requirement Courses Year Typically Completed
Correlate Courses STA 115
ECO 101 Microeconomics
ECO 102 Macroeconomics
Foundation Course POL 110 American Government or
POL 230 Intro to International Relations
Quantitative Methods & Research Design POL 200 Political Analysis Sophomore
Junior Tutorial POL 390 Junior
Senior Seminar POL 498 Senior
Field Distribution Breadth Requirement 1 course in:
- American Politics
- Comparative Politics
- International Relations
- Political Theory
POL Electives 4 course units Variable
Level Requirement 8 courses (of 12) must be at 300-400 level Variable


Political Science Major Four Year Program Planner


First Year

FSP First Seminar 1 course unit

POL 110/American Government  or

POL 230/International Relations 1 course unit

POL Electives 1 course unit

STA 115  1 course units

WRI 102/Academic Writing (if not exempted)  1 course unit

Foreign Language (if not exempted)  2 course units

ECO 101/Microeconomics or ECO 102/Macroeconomics 1 course unit

Other Liberal Learning courses 0 – 2 course units

Sophomore Year

POL 200/Political Analysis 1 course unit

POL Electives 2 course units

ECO 101 Microeconomics or ECO 102 Macroeconomics 1 course unit

Liberal Learning courses (including foreign language, if needed)  2-3 course units

Electives 1-2 course units

Junior Year

POL 390/Tutorial in Political Science  1 course unit

POL Electives  3 course units

Liberal Learning courses 1-2 course units

Electives  2-4 course units


Senior Year

POL 498/Seminar in Political Science 1 course unit

POL Electives  2 course units

Electives 4-5 course units