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Spring 2020 Dean’s List

Spring 2020 Dean’s List

Congratulations to the TCNJ Political Science students named to the Spring 2020 Dean’s List!

All degree candidates who complete 3 or more course units in a semester with assigned letter grades and who have earned a 3.5 GPA that semester are eligible to be included in that semester’s Dean’s List. Pass (P) is not an assigned letter grade and may not be used toward meeting the requirements for the Dean’s List. The information obtained for this Dean’s list is as of June 2020.


Deena Alter

Kirk Amiaga

Kameron Anderson

Andrew Ankamah

Isabel Anthony

Claudia Arias

Kelsey Ballard

Carleigh Belardo

Brinly Black

Jacob Blumberg

Ryan Borja

Matthew Bradley

Owen Brady

Aidan Brewer

Roman Brooks

Emma Burch

Jonathan Calabrese

Emily Caporoso

Kelly Capraun

Connor Carlin

Ian Choy

Robert Cimilluca

Tyler Colombo

Allison Colon

Anthony Cortazzo

Alexander D’Andrea

Ross Delhagen

Shauna Dowis

Matthew Duca

John Eder

Brennan Eppinger

Emily Evers

Nikki Farber

Mayada Farraj

Joseph Feldman

Alexandra Fountaine

Esteban Franco

Ashley Geevers

Megan Giaimo

Catherine Hayes

Nicholas Henry

Emily Hicks

Brianna Hill

Ian Holmes

Natasha Ishaq

William James

Shrish Jawadiwar

Ethan Kaiser

Zainab Karamat

Michael Kayal

Catriona Leary

Christina Lehan

Louise Lichtenberg

Genesis Lopez

Maria Maamari

Michael Maciolek

Alexandra Mannix

Joel Marte

Dylan Mazzella

James Mcelroy

Emily Mitchell

Elika Mohebbi

Jayson Morelli

Trevor Mulhall

Alanna Namit

Shivani Patel

Alaina Povinelli

Aamore Richards

David Roberts

Shauntae Rodney

Ariana Rodriguez

Oliver Rodriguez

Christopher Rosati

Andrew Rosenthal

Anthony Saginario

Robert Schenck

Bud Scott

Laura Segarra

Alexandra Shapiro

Sean Simmers

Raquel Sosa-Sanchez

Vincenzo Spanola

Kiana Stockwell

Michael Trerotola

Courtney Tuck

Jean Walter

Sean Wehner

Daniel Wheiler

Emani Wilson

Elizabeth Wood

James Wright

Taylor Young

Chae-Young Yun

Adriana Yunes

Nathan Zipf